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About vBridgeHub

vBridge Hub is a collaboration service that enables registered B2B Startups, IT Service Providers, Enterprises and Investors to connect and engage, driving faster innovation and value creation. Our vision is to enable this vibrant eco-system through seamless collaboration allowing them to learn, share and connect with new and available innovation to help meet the evolving business needs of a digital world at a much faster pace.

Working in the IT Services industry, we had the opportunity to work with a number of B2B Startups. All of them had a common challenge, that of being able to connect to the right stakeholders in the market where there was a business need.  This made us look at the bigger picture where the innovation eco-system comprises of over 100,000 B2B Technology Startups (creators), over 10,000 Enterprises (consumers), 100+ IT Service Providers (enablers) with over a million IT professionals and 100s of Startup Investors (financiers).

Clearly, with such a large mix of stakeholders in the eco-system, the ability to make the right connections is a much larger problem. This led us to believe that this eco-system requires a collaboration service that allows subscribers to learn, share, connect and engage with each other when they have a business need. vBridge Hub is our attempt to solve this challenge!


Bridge B2B Startups, IT Service Providers, Enterprises and Investors

to collaborate for joint success.

Management Team

Pravin Bolar

Pravin is the Founder and CEO of vBridge Hub. His experience of 27 years in the IT industry spans both CIO organizations and IT service providers, having spent more than half of his career in leadership roles at organizations like DHL, Honeywell, Infosys and Tech Mahindra.
In his recent role at Tech Mahindra, he was the Senior Vice President and Head of Cloud Services. He has been associated with Technology Startups very early on in his career, leveraging leading edge innovation to drive business transformation as early as 1995. His passion for technology and innovation has made him realize that the fast paced digital revolution requires a broader collaboration platform to improve the awareness, knowledge and usage of available innovation taking place in the Startup eco-system across the globe.

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Krishna VHS

Krishna is the Co-Founder of vBridgeHub and Heads the Sales & Strategy function. He comes with over 20 years of experience across Telecom and IT Industry. Before co-founding vBridgeHub, Krishna served Tech Mahindra in various leadership roles with the most recent one as Vice President and Head of Cloud Services for EMEA & APAC.
Very early in his career, he realised that Enterprises & Service Providers cannot depend solely on each other to survive, innovate and grow in the rapidly changing Business environment. vBridgeHub is formed with this premise that Innovation (read Startups) needs market access to grow, Enterprises need Credible Innovation to scale, IT Service Providers need Innovation to add value to their portfolio. Krishna visualizes that vBridgeHub can help bring such a platform where Innovation Powers Growth.

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