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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of vBridge Hub?

vBridge Hub enables an innovation ecosystem connecting B2B Startups, IT Service Providers, Enterprises and Investors, to address the market needs of technology innovation to drive digital business transformation.

We help various entities in the ecosystem to find, share, connect and engage in an effective manner leveraging the vBridge Hub collaboration service and consulting services.

Where is the Headquarters of vBridgeHub? Where is it registered?

Bangalore, India.

How can I contact vBridgeHub?

You may connect with us at

I am a B2B Startup, how will vBridge Hub help me?

vBridge Hub can help B2B Startups with 2 types of services:

  • vBridge Hub:A Collaboration Service to connect and engage with IT Service Providers, Enterprises and Investors globally.
  • Startup Acceleration Program:A Consulting & Advisory service to help establish alternate GTM through Global and Local IT Service Providers channels. The program also assists in driving Emerging Markets GTM through a combination of Local IT Service Providers and Marketing campaigns.

I am an IT Service Provider, how will vBridge Hub help me?

vBridge Hub can help IT Service Providers with 2 types of services:

  • vBridge Hub:A Collaboration service to help search, find, connect, engage and manage the global B2B Startup ecosystem for faster adoption of innovation to your enterprise customers at a much faster pace.
  • Consulting Services:There are two types of consulting services offered currently
      • Solution Advisory and
      • Service Offering Advisory

Please visit our website for details on these services

What is the vBridge Hub Service?

vBridge Hub is a collaboration service that helps the key actors in the Innovation Eco-System to connect and engage with each other. These actors include:

  • B2B Startups (creator of innovation),
  • Enterprise Customers (consumer of innovation)
  • IT Service Providers (enablers of innovation)
  • Investors (financiers or innovation)

What is “Startup Acceleration Program” and who can apply for this program?

The Startup Acceleration Program is a Consulting and Advisory service for the B2B Startups to help establish alternate GTM through IT Service Provider channels. The program also assists in driving Emerging Markets GTM through a combination of Local IT Service Providers, Marketing campaigns and Lead management.

Any Startup operating in the B2B Enterprise Technology domain with proven set of initial enterprise customer case studies and references are eligible.

How should a B2B Startup register on vBridge Hub?

Click on “Register” on the website to initiate the registration process. Upon completing the initial registering process, the Startup can go ahead and login to the vBridge Hub service and start loading the Company and Product profile information.

What is the pricing model for Startup Acceleration Program?

The Startup Acceleration Program is based on an agreed scope and defined deliverables. Based on this, the pricing model is computed as a combination of milestone and outcome based pricing. For further details, please contact

What is the pricing model for subscribing to the vBridge Hub collaboration service?

The base service for Startups to register and be visible on the platform for subscribers to search, engage and collaborate is currently offered free of charge. Startups pay a nominal monthly subscription fee for premium services on vBridge Hub as shown on the pricing page of the website. Additional value added services will be charged on a one time or monthly subscription model.

IT Service Providers, Enterprises and Investor subscriptions to vBridge Hub is based on an Enterprise Agreement. For further details, please reach us on

What role do Investors play in vBridge Hub?

All registered Investors can search and view Startup profile and engage & collaborate with the Startups on the vBridge Hub platform. When Startups are looking for investments, they can raise such requirement on the platform which will be send to all interested Investors, who may then assess the requirement and engage.


I am a Startup, how will subscribers see my company information?

The subscribers on the vBridge Hub platform from the IT Service Provider and Enterprise organizations can search and find Startups based on category or NLP based search.

The company, product and use case information of a Startup is visible in a Startup profile webpage which can be accessed by the subscribers. A sample page is displayed upon registration which shows the format in which it is published on the Startup profile webpage.

Is there any profit sharing / fee that I need to pay vBridge Hub in the event of a contract?

Other than subscription charges that may be applicable, there are no additional charges or profit sharing applicable.

I am a Startup, will vBridge Hub generate leads for me? How much do I pay for the leads?

The vBridge Hub platform allows IT Service Providers and Enterprises to engage and collaborate with Startups. The platform allows them to Request for various services from the Startups which include Request for Customer Meetings, Request for Customer Meetings, Request for Proposal, etc. These requests would translate to leads or customer opportunity for the Startups.

The Startup does not pay any additional charges in fees, commissions or incentives for these leads generated through the vBridge Hub platform.

Is there a formal launch date for the VBridge Hub platform? If so when?

vBridge Hub platform is currently scheduled to go-live in Q4 of the calendar year 2019.

How can I enhance my SEARCH POSITION / RANKING on the VBridge Hub platform?

Startup search listing for the chosen criteria is currently sorted based on the partnership status of the Startup with the subscriber’s organization followed by their subscription status with vBridge Hub. Hence, all Startups that have existing partnership with the subscriber organization and meet the search criteria, will be listed on top of the search list, followed by all Premium paying Startups, followed by all Startups with Base level subscription plan. Until a rating mechanism is put in place, the Startups within each group will be listed in alphabetical order.

Will I have a dedicated Account Manager? How do we contact vBridge Hub for any support or clarifications?

Subscribers have access to a 24×7 support desk that is reachable using the “Support” button available on any webpage.

IT Service Providers and Enterprises will additionally have a named contact person to manage the relationship and address any requirements or issues.

Can I see a draft of the agreement with vBridge Hub?

The terms of use and privacy policy is available on the website.

Is there a registration fee for the platform?

For the startups, there is a Base service which is currently available at no cost. In addition, there is a Premium service which is offered on a monthly or annual subscription model.

For IT Service Providers and Enterprises there is a minimal one-time registration fee which covers access to the platform and all standard services. Some of the value added services will be charged as one-time or on an annual subscription model. Please contact for further details.