vBridge Hub enables collaboration between key players of the Tech Innovation eco-system which include Tech Vendors, Enterprises, IT Service Providers and Investors. For Enterprises, vBridge Hub is a tech innovation sourcing platform to assist in accelerating the adoption process. It provides an easy access to information on available products and solutions with use cases and case studies to help search, find, evaluate and select technologies and bring tech innovation faster to the Enterprises. Ease of connecting and engaging with Tech Vendors and IT Service Providers also provides an effective means of collaboration to co-innovate

Faster Tech to Adoption

Significantly reduce time to search, Find, connect and engage with the Tech eco-system to shortlist & select Innovation faster

Stay Connected with Innovation

Follow Tech Startups & Experts on the platform and learn from blogs, newsletters and other platform notifications

Solve Business Problems

Source ideas and solutions to solve real business problems thru our collaboration programs

Platform Features

vBridge Hub features allow Enterprises to accelerate the tech innovation adoption process, thus allowing businesses to innovate faster and stay relevant.

Find Solutions Faster

Find Solutions Faster

Ability to Search and Find Startups across technology domains. Review Use Cases and Case Studies to help shortlist.

Engage Faster with Startups

Single platform to connect and engage with Startups for multiple needs such as Request for Meetings, Solution, Pricing, etc.

Engage Faster with Startups
Participate in Hackathons

Solve Business Problems

Run a Hackccelerator for inviting Tech Startups to participate in solving real business problems using their technologies.

Learn & Experience vBridge Hub

Take a virtual tour and experience vBridge Hub

virtual tour

Learn how hyper collaboration is key to successful co-innovation

Virtual Reality

Illustrative Ecosystem that You will Connect with