vBridge Hub enables collaboration between key players of the Tech Innovation eco-system which include Tech Vendors, Enterprises, IT Service Providers and Investors. Tech vendors benefit from this through improved market access, responsiveness to market demands and accelerated partnerships. The collaboration service allows the members of the eco-system to make connections with the right stakeholders and establish opportunity-driven relationships.

Increased Awareness

Unlimited access to employees of IT Service Providers and Enterprises allows increased visibility of product capability and use cases

Effective Collaboration

Ease of connecting and engaging with the right stakeholders in the eco-system to drive faster collaboration on business opportunities

Market Access

Engage with Partners across various geos to gain access and grow in new markets

Partner Engagement

Effective partner access and governance with Global, Regional and Local IT Service Providers to drive partnerships and joint value propositions

Enterprise Engagement

Participate in the business needs of Enterprise subscribers and gain access to business opportunities

Investor Access

Connect and Engage with new Investors for funding or provide insights to existing Investors

Key Platform Features

vBridge Hub significantly improves your market access, responsiveness to market demands and accelerated partnerships to address customer requirements.

Improve Your Opportunity Pipeline

Improve Your Opportunity Pipeline

Receive qualified leads from IT Service Providers & Enterprises through multiple Request Channels such as Request for Meetings, Solutions, Pricing, etc.

Expand your Channels

Search, Connect and Engage with subscribers from the IT Service Provider ecosystem which include Global & Local System Integrators, Resellers, Managed Services Providers, etc.

Expand your Channels
Collaborate with Buyers who matter

Collaborate with Buyers who matter

Get connected and engage with IT Service Provider and Enterprise subscribers who are seeking solutions using vBridge Hub Insights.

Participate in Hackathons

Get invited to Virtual Hackathons conducted by IT Service Providers and Enterprises and participate in live market opportunities.

Participate in Hackathons

Learn & Experience vBridge Hub

Take a virtual tour and experience vBridge Hub

virtual tour

Learn how hyper collaboration is key to successful co-innovation

Virtual Reality

Illustrative Ecosystem that You will Connect with