The New Virtual Reality

One of the lessons COVID-19 has really taught us all is the ability to effectively work, meet and collaborate remotely for longer periods of time. Thanks to Virtual Workplace and Virtual Meeting solutions that have matured over the years, the adoption of this new Virtual “REALITY” was quite easy.
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hyper collaboration

Hyper Collaboration

Innovation is at the heart of the change taking place in many enterprises today. The ubiquitous internet access combined with smart device usage in the hands of consumers is forcing Enterprises to change the way they do business. In addition, traditional Enterprises are also being challenged by born-in-the-cloud
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What is the role of vBridge Hub?

vBridge Hub is a Business Networking Platform connecting Tech Vendors, Service Providers, Enterprises and other entities such as Investors, Academia, Consultants to accelerate the technology and innovation adoption process. We enable members to Search, Find, Connect and Engage with each other to Collaborate for their respective business objectives.

How does vBridge Hub define Tech Vendors, Service Providers and Enterprises?

vBridge Hub offers value for all different types of businesses in the technology eco-system based on their business objective. As part of the registration process, its important to classify which type of organization you present. We have currently defined 3 types of business entities and have described them below;

Tech Vendor: Businesses which develop and sell Technology Software or Hardware Products from across the globe

Service Provider: Businesses which provide various Services capabilities and include IT Service Providers, System Integrators, Managed Service Providers, Resellers and Distributors

Enterprise: Businesses who are consumers of Technology Products, Solutions and Services

What can I do as a Tech Vendor on vBridge Hub?

The Sales, Marketing and Alliance teams from a Tech Vendor organization can:

  • Publish & promote their Products and Solutions
  • Communicate with interested buyers and influencers
  • Build Partnerships with Service Providers from across the globe
  • Participate in Enterprise opportunities being pursued by Service Providers
  • Find other members to Collaborate & Co-innovate for joint go-to-market opportunities

What can I do as a Service Provider on vBridge Hub?

Service Providers have the following capabilities on vBridge Hub:

  • Search, Find, Connect and Engage with Tech Vendors and other Service Providers for partnership on business opportunities
  • Publish & promote products and solution offerings on the platform
  • Collaborate internally for knowledge sharing promoting co-innovation with the tech eco-system through reviews, rating, case studies, service offerings, etc
  • Engage with Enterprises on business opportunities

I am a Tech Vendor, what information is captured in my company profile that is visible to all members on the platform?

vBridge Hub allows Tech Vendors to display their Company Profile post registration on

The Company Profile will display – Company Name, Location, Overview, Product Information, Use Cases, Customer Case Studies, Partners and a lot more information that will help members better understand your products, capabilities, experience and recognition.

I am a Tech Vendor, will vBridge Hub generate leads for me? How much do I pay for the leads?

The platform allows Service Providers and Enterprises to Search, Find, Connect & Engage with Tech Vendors and Request for various services that include Request for Meeting, Request for Solution, Request for Pricing, etc.  The requests are based on business needs or user interest and would be considered as a lead.

Currently, Tech Vendors do not pay any additional fees to receive leads.

As an enterprise how do I engage with a Tech Vendor or Service Provider?

Once you view a Partner profile, you will have options to request for various services that will enable you to engage with the Partner.

Apart from this, Enterprises can utilize Solution Navigator, Innovation Navigator and POC manager to engage with Vendors and Service Providers for specific business objectives offered by these Business Solutions.

How do we contact vBridge Hub for any support or clarifications?

Registered Subscribers have access to a 24×7 support desk that is reachable using the “Help” button available on any webpage of the Platform.

In addition, for any support or clarification you may send an e-mail to

Is vBridge Hub a location or / vertical specific platform?

vBridge Hub’s member community is located across the globe and we cover all industry verticals in  the B2B Technology ecosystem

Would vBridge Hub play a role after we find a partner/enterprise on the platform?

vBridge Hub allows all subscribing members of the platform to be able to search, find and connect with each other. Once potential technology partners are found, enterprises have the ability to use various tools such as Request Services, Solution Navigator, Innovation Navigator and POC Manager to engage with them for specific business objectives. vBridge Hub provides assistance to enterprise users in case they need any support or expertise.

What is the difference between registering with a Personal Email and Business Email?

Registering with a personal e-mail address provides unlimited access to the Collaboration Feed on the user home page. In addition, it offers limited market research capabilities for seeking technology solutions. Users can do a maximum of 5 Searches and 5 Vendor Profile Views. Post reaching this limit, users can increase their Searches and Profile Views by recommending friends and colleagues to register on the platform. Each successful registration will increase the credit for number of Searches and Profile Views.

Registering with a business e-mail address provides unlimited access to the Collaboration Feed on the user home page. In addition, the user can access the Business Page which provides additional insights. The market research capabilities are limited to 10 Searches and 10 Vendor Profile Views per month. Business users can request for subscribing to the platform based on the pricing plans available and access additional capabilities such as Unlimited Market Research and Unlimited use of Solution Navigator.  In addition, users will be able to subscribe for Innovation Navigator and POC Manager on a per project basis.

Do you comply with the GDPR?

At vBridge Hub, we are committed to the protection of our members’ data and privacy rights, and strive to help our members remain compliant with their own GDPR obligations.

Please note: We cannot provide legal advice to confirm with certainty whether the GDPR applies to you. You may want to consider consulting with an attorney and/or a GDPR regulatory authority should you have additional questions on whether your business has obligations under GDPR.

Why has my registration request gone for approval?

Registration request gets sent for approval when there is a mismatch between Company website domain name and the e-mail address domain name. We will revert to you within 24 hours on the next steps. If the mismatch is unintentional, please Register again.

Do bigger companies have an advantage in being visible on vBridge Hub?

No, there are multiple factors and metrics about your company, products, including data which our smart AI powered search engine finds higher context in. A complete profile with relevant keywords defining your technology, products or company will ensure a higher profile visibility.

Does vBridge Hub restrict the number of users from a particular organization?

vBridge Hub does not restrict the number of registered users from a company. We believe in the spirit of open collaboration. Your organization will benefit by having multiple users from different teams.

I am a Tech Vendor, where does vBridge Hub get its information when pre-creating my Company’s profile?

We pre-create Company profiles with information available in the public domain. The information captured include Company Name, Company Brief Overview, Funding information, Founders Information, Products, Use cases, Case studies, etc.

I am a Tech Vendor, why is it important to claim my profile on vBridge Hub?

If your company is listed on our site, claiming your profile allows you to manage it and interact with other members and potential business partners on vBridge Hub. Claiming your profile will also allow you to update your company and product profile, making it easier for buyers and partners to understand your capabilities.

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