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Our Services are focused on enabling the Innovation ecosystem to effectively engage, collaborate and grow. This innovation eco-system comprises of the Startups (creator), Enterprises (consumer), SIs/MSPs (enabler) and Investors. We offer various services to this eco-system which includes, a platform to collaborate, a consulting service for Startups and an Investment advisory service to assist with funding.

vBridge Hub

vBridge Hub is a collaboration platform that provides faster access to technology innovations developed by the Startup and Scaleup community across the globe, to Enterprises, System Integrators and Managed Service Providers.

For Startups, vBridge Hub offers a platform to showcase their products and engage on opportunities created by the Enterprises, SIs and MSPs.

For SIs/MSPs, vBridge Hub offers a platform to manage the complete lifecycle of Startup partnerships from being able to Search, Find, Engage, Onboard and Manage.

For Enterprises, vBridge Hub offers a platform to help identify available innovation in the Startup eco-system that can meet their business needs and improve the time to market on new capabilities.

For Investors, vBridge Hub offers a platform to identify a validated set of Startups looking for funding.


Some of the key benefits of the vBridge Hub platform include

  1. Increased visibility of B2B enterprise technology Startup eco-system from across georaphies through a standardized collaboration platform
  2. Open access to all associates of registered Global SIs, Local SIs, MSPs and Enterprises
  3. Significantly reduced time to identify and onboard available innovations in the Startup eco-system to meet business demands
  4. Driving faster partnerships across the innovation eco-system between
    • Startups and SI/MSPs,
    • Startups and Enterprises
    • Startups and Investors
    • Startups and Startups

Startup Acceleration Program

The Startup Acceleration Program is a consulting service designed for Startups who are keen to grow their customer base and revenue through alternate go-to-market channels. We help Startups gain access to Global and Local SIs/MSPs and help identify potential partnerships. There are three services available as part of the program.

Driving Business Growth

Enable SI/MSP GTM channel

Connect, develop and manage Global SI/MSP partnership for alternate GTM channels

Enable Emerging Market GTM

Establish a GTM program through Local/Regional SI in Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific.

Enable Branding & Marketing

Provide branding and marketing services to promote brand awareness and generate leads leveraging digital channels.

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