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Accelerating Collaborative Innovation

Collaborate seamlessly with the B2B Startup eco-system allowing co-innovation and faster time to market

IT Service Providers

vBridge Hub services enables collaboration between the key players of the Startup eco-system which include B2B Startups, Enterprises, IT Service Providers and Investors.  Effective collaboration with B2B Startups allows for faster time to market and brings co-innovation to address enterprise business needs and challenges. The collaboration service allows IT Service Provider subscribers to increase awareness of available innovation and speeds up their ability to engage and connect with the right stakeholders through a standardized channel of communication.

Faster Time to market

Accelerate lifecycle to find, connect, on-board and engage with B2B Startups to drive co-innovation

Drive Innovation

Internally share, collaborate and propagate solutions to drive an innovation culture to transform customer business

Startup Governance

Manage a large portfolio of Startup partnerships and review performance

Investment Targets

Track startups and gain expert insights for potential investment or acquisition targets

Do you want to connect with Innovation?

Illustrative Ecosystem that You will Connect with