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vBridge Hub

World’s first Collaboration Service that enables B2B Startups, IT Service Providers, Enterprises and Investors, who form the innovation eco-system, to connect and co-innovate

The collaboration service is focused on empowering the innovation eco-system to effectively engage, collaborate and innovate to accelerate their time to market. The service allows B2B Startups to create their company profiles allowing subscribers to access, connect and build partnerships.

vBridge Hub collaboration service allows each of the innovation eco-system players to derive joint value towards accelerated decision making and time to market.

For B2B Startups, vBridge Hub significantly improves their market access, responsiveness to market demands and accelerated partnerships to address customer requirements.

For IT Service Providers, vBridge Hub allows for speed of co-innovation with the Startup eco-system to help improve the time to market in offering solutions to their customers and also drive their digital revenues.

For Enterprises, vBridge Hub helps quickly identify available innovation in the B2B Startup eco-system to meet evolving digital business needs to help grow business and stay competitive.

For Investors, vBridge Hub provides access to investment requirements from the Startup eco-system and access to information for better decision making.


Key capabilities of vBridge Hub service includes:

  • Allow B2B Startups to create Company Profile and Connect & Engage with subscribers from IT Service Providers, Enterprises and Investors.
  • Unlimited access across the organization for IT Service Providers and Enterprise subscribers
  • Enable virtual hackathon’s to identify innovative solutions among the B2B Startup eco-system to solve emerging business needs
  • Collaborate on joint go-to-market business opportunities